This is my fanpage for the orginal sonic adventure, on the dreamcast. Not any of those nasty ports.

Check out this promo video, it's way past cool.

On Sonic Adventure's release day in Japan, Yuji Naka and some cute sonic character mascots went to support the game's release at various shops in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Akihabara.

Here's a cool picture of advertising for the game on a bus in Japan.

During the game's production sonic team took a trip to South America to explore and find inspiration to make more realistic jungle/ruin environments for the game.

This is a video from their trip, it's goofy.

Here's a small selection of pictures from the team's trip.

The temple in the background looks very similar to the one that appeared in the Mystic ruins.

Did you know that windy valley looked pretty different from its final version in the game? Here are some cool pictures of how it used to look.

Because the Dreamcast was easily able to access the internet, Sonic Adventure had various DLC, often for seasonal events. You can check out a comprehensive list of all DLC that was avaliable for the game here if you like!
Here are some very interesting videos of some of the DLC.

To close things off here's a handful of misc images from the game that I love, they all have such a whimsical and dreamy feeling.