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Cool sites to check out while surfing the web. Page updates sometimes.

Sonic graphics fanmade sonic sprite gifs and backgrounds.

Sonic gear a huge archive of Sonic Merchandise, it's super interesting.

Patterned backgrounds Background textures with an old web vibe.

Ogachoko yt channel Videos with a very... unique energy, my favourite video from them.

Old Japanese animal crossing site a goldmine for cute graphics.

1999 Archive of official Nekojiru site not that great if you can't read Japanese, very broken too. There are lots of other captures from this site, so check them all out if you're interested.

Nekojiru diary english translation The blog of someone who is translating the Nekojiru diary into English.

1996 Archive of official nintendo site Lots of captures of Nintendo's old website, it archived relatively well so there's lots to check out.

Essay on the weirdness of sonic adventure 1 A two part essay about sonic adventure, it's an interesting read, if you're into that kind of thing.

Space eMail indirect messaging site, send messages out and a stranger will recieve them, and you can recieve messages from strangers.

Enneagram type test seemingly accurate personality test, even though it's probably just playing on some barnum effect type nonsense, its interesting anyway. I got 'Type 4'.

Eevee fanpage Someone's cute gerocities fanpage for eevee.

Old pokemon 3d Images gallery interesting pokemon images.